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We proudly present the tailor-made solutions we have delivered to our clients.

We proudly present the tailor-made solutions we have delivered to our clients. Our high-competence service offers custom steel mounting solutions to ensure the maximum protection of your sensitive technical equipment.

With a range of robust options, we provide the expertise and experience you need to secure your infrastructure. Explore how we have helped our clients achieve optimal security and functionality through our dedicated and innovative work

Telenor Svalbard

Polar bears and Griptel’s tailor-made mounting solutions both thrive in Svalbard’s icy desserts.

Griptel partnered with Telenor Svalbard to install solar panels in this extreme weather region. We developed custom brackets and provided standard steel products that ensure stability and longevity, even in harsh conditions.

ICE on wheels

We at Griptel are absolutely thrilled to share our success at Norwegian festivals this summer.

ICE Norge faced a significant challenge: how to provide robust 5G coverage at two of the most iconic music festivals in Scandinavia – “Tons of Rock” and Stavernfestivalen, in July. We got to work and developed a unique solution – a mast system delivered by Letthus AS, was easily transportable thanks to its installation onto a trailer, that could be expanded onsite to a towering 9 meters! 📡

The result:
Our innovation delivered exceptional 5G coverage throughout the festivals, ensuring that attendees could share their unforgettable experiences with ease and reliability.

TĂ„rnselskapet’s first tower in FlĂ„, Norway

Griptel is proud to supply mounting solutions for TĂ„rnselskapet’s first tower in FlĂ„, Norway. 
In October, 23 fiber companies in the Altibox partnership joined forces to establish TĂ„rnselskapet, aimed at setting up mobile towers for ice Norge‘ base stations. Last week, their first mobile tower was installed in FlĂ„, Hallingdal. 

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Site Service – three large battery cabinets

The challenge for Site Service was to install three large battery cabinets and one rectifier, consisting of 19 heavy lithium batteries, all while maintaining structural integrity and safety. This is where our paths crossed. đŸ› ïž

Reaching out to us for a solution, Site Service required a custom-designed frame capable of supporting this considerable load. Utilizing our expertise in crafting site-specific solutions, we engaged in close collaboration with their team to realize their vision.

The result:

The installation, facilitated by a crane lift, was conducted smoothly, and it brings us joy to learn that the customer is satisfied with the outcome!

At Griptel, our commitment lies in providing innovative solutions and outstanding service to our clients, and this project stands as a testament to that commitment. đŸ’Ș

Interested in how our expertise could benefit your next project? Feel free to contact us. We’re ready to transform your challenges into opportunities.

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Eltel Networks – How to protect a radio antenna with diameter of 3 meters

The project was about protecting existing radio antennas located on a high mountain, particularly exposed to snow and ice from the upper parts of the masts that could damage the antennas further down. 


The solution was the largest tailor-made ice cover Griptel has ever made. In addition to having a diameter of 3 meters, it needed to be very solid as the wind catch area was very large.

The end-customer will now benefit from cost and time savings, and increased equipment safety. Griptel’s main goal is to reduce risk and provide tailor-made mounting solutions that improve safety. And in this mission, we are proud to have done just that.

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