Griptel News | New CEO and Warehouse

Hi everyone!

There have been major changes at Griptel lately, and we now want to share the news with our customers about what has been happening behind the scenes at Griptel! Firstly, we have a new CEO. Pål Bjørdal took up the position on February 1, and has been working alongside outgoing CEO Ørjan Rolness for a period of time. Ørjan will continue to work at Griptel with a primary responsibility for digitizing our processes and services to ensure a more proactive interface between Griptel and our customers/suppliers. There are big ambitions for growth at Griptel, both in the existing market, as well as in new markets nationally and internationally. We now officially welcome you to the Griptel family and look forward to many years of good leadership!

Pål Bjørdal, CEO

Pål Bjørdal has a background in Mechanical Engineering from UMIST in Manchester, as well as a Master of Management from BI Center for Leadership Education.

His professional experience comes mainly from Dyno Industries and Telenor, where he has held various management positions over the past 25 years.

His experience at Telenor spans 17 years, where he has led companies with primary responsibility for building and operating infrastructure for transmitting technical equipment and satellite-based communication to maritime vessels and aviation globally.

“I see great potential in further developing Griptel, both in Norway and in the Nordic countries,” says Pål.

“We are now working hard at Griptel to develop our products to be tailored to solve the challenges that teleoperators face in the 5G rollout, and I am confident that these solutions will also generate great interest in our neighboring countries where our main customers also operate. In addition, there will be many other customer groups where our solutions can be used, either as they are today or with a degree of development and customization to meet their needs.”

We have also signed an agreement for a new warehouse space that is approximately three times the size of our current warehouse. Fortunately for us, this space is located next door to Griptel. Therefore, we do not anticipate any logistical delays for our customers. There is generally a high pace in the telecom industry due to the planned 5G upgrade. Griptel has therefore significantly increased its capacity by hiring new warehouse staff to handle the high order volume more easily. Griptel has strengthened its staffing at the warehouse with 3 new resources to provide our customers with the best service.

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