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The leading provider equipment for mounting 4G and 5G antennas to radio towers, rooftops and walls

Securing secure comms

Griptel is Norway’s leading provider of mounting solutions for critical technical equipment such as 4G and 5G antennas for cellular networks. 

Challenging climate conditions, including increased frequency of extreme weather, underlines the need for robust and safe mounting solutions both in the telecommunications sector as well as other industries subject to severe weather conditions. 

This is why Griptel is the favoured supplier of mounting equipment for Telenor, Telia and Ice’s 5G extensive network build-outs in Norway – a country renowned for its harsh weather conditions. 

However, Griptel’s ability to custom-design mounting solutions, coupled with the company’s cost efficient manufacturing operation in Latvia, enable the company to deliver competitive rates and operational support throughout the Nordic region and Europe. 

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