NEW PRODUCTS | Mast extension for AIR-antennas and lightning rods for open pipe ends

In this round, we have developed 3 products in collaboration with Telenor, which will be part of our standard range.

The products are in production and are expected to be in stock soon.

The lightning rod fits in all our pipe dimensions.

EXTPOLEMAST-ROUND & EXTPOLEMAST-TRIANGLE | EXTPOLEMAST-TRIANGLE Mast extension for AIR-antennas, Triangular type adjusted for STA/STB-flanges

The pipe is in the dimension Ø50 and is adapted for both STA/STB and STC flanges.”

BL-08 | Robust Wall Mount

Introducing BL-08 The BL-08 is a robust wall mount engineered for secure pipe fixation. It features four strategically positioned connection ...

TLNSLOPE | Gravity Stand

TLNSLOPE is a gravity stand platform designed to withstand roof angles up to 32 degrees, providing a stable mounting solution ...

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