Webshop and Inventory system

Dear customers,

Based on constructive feedback from our customers, we are currently working on improving several areas to simplify the product ordering process, as well as our inventory systems. We believe this will contribute to a better customer experience and increase efficiency and accuracy in our deliveries going forward.

Requested delivery date when ordering

We see that more and more customers want their orders shipped on a specific date. As a result, we have added a separate field for “Requested delivery date”. Griptel operates with a standard 3-day delivery time. If you choose a date that is within 3 days, a rush fee of 10% of the order amount will be added, with a minimum of NOK 500 for prioritized order handling.

We encourage our customers to place their orders in advance.

New inventory system

Griptel has recently introduced a new inventory system for scanning and picking from BXSoftware. This means that our processes are now fully digital, contributing to better traceability of orders. Additionally, it helps to ensure that the correct products are scanned and picked. The solution simplifies routines in the warehouse, reducing manual labor, and increasing our capacity.

New Head of Procurement & HR

As Griptel continues to expand, we are pleased to welcome Anne-Cathrine Stene. Anne-Cathrine has an impressive background in a wide range of fields, ...

Griptel builds new production facility

Griptel builds new production facility in Riga to facilitate 5G growth. We have decided to build our own production facility ...

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