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3-SECTOR-BRACKET-XL, 3x Ø76 for antenna pipe Ø76-Ø114 – Wide Antennas

The 3-SECTOR-BRACKET-XL is a specialized solution for the telecom industry, designed specifically for the mounting of three separate antennas, each one serving a different sector.

This bracket is an ideal choice for installations where optimal coverage and signal strength are required in three separate areas.

A minimum of two brackets are required for each installation, ensuring secure and stable mounting of the antennas.

The bracket is designed to be attached to pipes with diameters ranging from Ø76mm to Ø114mm, and each sector can attach a Ø76mm pipe to the offset bracket. Constructed from durable S355 carbon steel with 50HUPS, the 3-SECTOR-BRACKET is built to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting performance in demanding telecom environments.

The XL-version is developed in order to provide the necessary distance between wide antennas.

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