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CROSSBRACKET Cross clamping pipe bracket, Ø50-Ø114

The CROSSBRACKET is designed to securely connect two steel pipes of varying diameters in a cross configuration. Specifically, the bracket is designed to attach pipes with diameters ranging from Ø50 to Ø114.

The bracket is constructed from a robust and bended S355 HDG plate, which provides strength and durability. Four u-bolts are used to clamp the pipes securely in place, ensuring that they do not move or slip under load.

To use the bracket, the user must first select the appropriate size of u-bolt that matches the diameter of the pipes they wish to attach. The u-bolts are then placed around each pipe and tightened using nuts and bolts.

This type of bracket is commonly used in construction and industrial applications where it is necessary to join pipes together in a cross configuration. Its robust construction and use of multiple u-bolts ensure that the pipes are securely held in place, making it an essential component for many applications.

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