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D56-70 Square Tube Clamp 50-70HUP, 2pcs of threaded rods

This product is designed to clamp two pieces of square tubes together securely. The bracket consists of two S355 HDG plates and 2pcs-4pcs of bolts or threaded rods, providing a strong and durable connection between the two plates. Each steel plate is designed to clamp the square tube securely in place. The plates are attached to each other using threaded rods that run through the plates, creating a strong connection between the two tubes.

This type of bracket is commonly used in construction and industrial applications where it is necessary to connect two square tubes together. Its simple design and use of sturdy materials make it an essential component for many applications.

Also available with flexible slotted hole patterns that allow for square tube sizes from 50×50 to 70×70.

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