RR-18X-4466-ERM RRU-Bracket for Ericsson RRU4466, Ø25-Ø90

The RR-18X-4466-ERM bracket is a specialized piece of hardware designed to securely carry Ericsson RRU radios in telecommunications towers. Constructed from S355 HDG steel, the bracket is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and provide long-lasting durability. The bracket is designed to be mounted onto pipes with diameters ranging from Ø25-Ø90, making it compatible with a wide range of tower structures.

The primary function of the RR-18X-4466-ERM bracket is to allow Ericsson RRU radios to be mounted behind antennas in order to save space on the tower. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where tower space is at a premium. Additionally, the RR-18X-4466-ERM bracket is equipped with a rubber surface designed to reduce resonance caused by wind on the radios.

Overall, the RR-18X-4466-ERM bracket is a reliable and effective solution for securely mounting Ericsson RRU radios behind antennas in telecommunication towers. Its durable construction and wide compatibility make it an excellent choice for a variety of tower configurations.

This product is specially developed for Ericsson RRU 4466.

Is available in different pipe sizes:

  • Ø25-Ø40
  • Ø41-Ø60
  • Ø61-Ø90

Select the desired pipe diameter below!

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