TILT-BRACKET Tiltable Antenna Bracket, Flexible Offset 260mm-540mm

The TILT-BRACKET is a versatile product designed specifically for telecom operators to achieve a desired tilt angle for mounted antennas. It is constructed using S355 HDG steel, known for its strength and durability. The bracket can be mounted on pipes with a diameter ranging from Ø25mm to Ø114mm, providing compatibility with various infrastructure setups.

The TILT-BRACKET offers a flexible solution for achieving antenna tilt, with a minimum offset of 260mm and a maximum offset of 540mm. This range allows operators to optimize the antenna’s orientation according to specific coverage requirements.

For each installation, two TILT-BRACKET units are required to ensure stability and secure attachment. The bracket is designed with a hole pattern that offers flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of antennas. This adaptability ensures compatibility with different antenna models and sizes commonly used in the telecommunications industry.

Fasteners are included with the product.

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