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TLNS-MAIN Complete single out door cabinet

The modular out door cabinet is made of steel structure and impregnated wood. This creates a sturdy cabinet with a natural look that blends into the greenfield-environment.

The cabinets are modular so that several modules can be connected to achieve the desired area, and multiple modules can be mounted to expand the area if the need for space increases over time.

Each module has an external size of 950 x 950 mm, the bottom frame is adapted to accommodate larger cabinets with cutouts in the load-bearing structures that fit most types of rectifiers and other floor-mounted cabinets used in the telecommunications industry.

The wall modules are removable and ensure access from all sides of the outdoor cabinet when needed.

Attachment to the foundation is done with threaded rods, either fixed in buried HEA profiles, cast in concrete or secured directly into rock. The attachment ensures access for cables, etc. from the underside of the outdoor cabinet. Threaded rods for attachment to the foundation are ordered separately, see Outdoor Cabinet, Foundation for ready-made packages.

TLNS-MAIN is a complete start package for 1 complete out door cabinet.

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