New Head of Sales & Marketing

Dahl succeeds Thomas Fredriksen, who will become GRIPtel’s first Head of Projects & Product Development. Simultaneously GRIPtel is doubling its order handling capacity, due to growing demand from 5G network operators and construction companies as well as other industries that are utilising specialised mounting solutions to secure electronic and communication equipment.

GRIPtel is Norway’s leading provider of fastening equipment for business-critical technical equipment such as 5G antennas for cellular networks.

The new 5G networks offers business and consumers huge opportunities. At the same time, the expectations and requirements to avoid downtime will become even higher. Parts of the 5G network capacity is dedicated to the Norwegian Armed Forces as well as The Norwegian critical communication network (“Nødnett”), with exceptionally high requirements concerning stability and network coverage. We offer custom-made mounting solutions to avoid unnecessary downtime and other unwanted events.

Ruben Dahl – Head of Sales & Marketing

Dahl joins GRIPtel from a position as business development manager at Emcom as, a value adding distributor of industrial communication hardware and antennas. He was formerly sales managers at the IT company Last Mile Solutions, and Key Account Manager at

GRIPtel is currently expanding beyond its telecom home-market. In addition to supporting the rollout of 5G networks for the Norwegian telecom industry, Dahl will be responsible for new geographical markets and industries.

Most industries believe that the telecom industry operates the most sophisticated and critical electronic equipment. Increasingly they also understand the importance of securing sensitive equipment with custom-made solutions to ensure operations stability in a more challenging climate. This isn’t only true for Norway, but also for large parts of Europe. For GRIPtel, who has proven itself through delivering equipment to the Norwegian telecom industry for eight years, this represents large opportunities.

Pål Bjørdal – CEO

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